Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10 Things You'd Do if You Were Younger

A brief intro. Last week, I made up my own 10. Between then and now, I’ve actually tracked down the folks (folk?) who do this and got the actual topic. [No, one of the things is not going to be quit going into agonizing detail on things. But thanks for the suggestion.]

1. Have my children earlier.

2. Have more children.

3. Have a different husband as I think my current one just keeled over at the thought of more kids.

4. Take courses in college that are appealing rather than appeal to my sense of getting the hell out of college.

5. Travel beyond the boundaries of North America. (For those of us geography-ignorant Americans, that would mean outside of the United States, Mexico and Canada and Bermuda, Greenland and innumerable Caribbean countries.)

6. Become fluent in Mandarin or Spanish. Or, depending on how young I am, become fluent in both.

7. Learn how to take kick-ass, publishing-quality, phenomenal photographs of subjects other than children.

8. Not watch television.

9. Ski. A lot.

10. Take up yoga and become a master of it.


Unknown said...

Good list..I get kind of sad thinking of could of, should ofs! SOunds like you have been busy. I will read more of your blog later..
Stop by mine and hubbys blogs of you get the chance

Julia said...

I wish to start family early too. This was almost add to my list but I decided others are more the list for me :) And I want to learn Yoga too...as I heard it very relaxing

Great list! Happy Ten on Tuesday! Here is Mine!

Melody said...

Great list! Happy Ten on Tuesday.


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