Thursday, February 22, 2007

In Memory of Linda

[I found out today that a wonderful woman I used to work with years ago has died. She was 59. I lost touch with her about four or five years ago. It turns out that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about four years ago. I was forwarded a message from her daughter regarding memorial plans. And I sent her the email below. Linda was unremarkably remarkable. I'm sorry to hear the world has lost her. Had lost her several years ago, apparently.]


I heard about your mother's passing from a friend of mine who, like your mom, used to work at Survey Methods Group. I know I met you once or twice in the time that I was there -- from 1994 to 1996 -- although it would be a remarkable feat if you could remember me, one of many admirers of your mother. I hope that all of us who were touched by your mom hear the news and are trying to find you, your brother or James to tell you something you undoubtedly already know: that your mother was a spectacular woman.

I won't bore you with the details of when I first met your mom -- it was probably 1986 or 1987 -- or how I had been her client a number of times before I actually worked with her at SMG. It was when I got to work with her day-to-day that her light truly shone for me for the first time and sticks with me even now, probably nearly five years after I last saw her. She glowed. She was warm. I see her with her big red glasses. I see her eyes looking straight at me. I hear her voice. I hear her talk on and on and on about your son. Oh, she adored him. She loved the times she got to be with him. And then when your daughter came, more joy from her. She loved you and yours so fiercely, so proudly.

She was nice. That's what I remember about her. So sweet. Always scatter-brained, always juggling many thoughts, and always caring that others were doing all right. She was magnificent.

I'm sure you know that. But I thought I'd put it down for the record.

My prayers are with you and all of her family. I hope her goodness brings you peace now.


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