Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Sung to the tune of "Under Pressure." Let's face it, the Yahoo 360 blog looks, well, bleg. Can I trademark that word? A combination of "blech" and "blog." Oooooooooh, I like it. So I was messing over at Typepad, but I didn't put the effort into it. And my free trial period ends in less than double-digit days. I trolled around for 20 minutes or so on it this morning, trying to figure it out. No luck. Besides, I had a Blogger account originally, during my summer of blogging. [Which in no way should be confused with the Summer of Love. Honestly.] I have every intention of getting access again to it. (Or at least finding out where the hell it is.) So, I'm going to work on getting this up. Doubt I'll have any success. When mental deterioration sets in shortly, I won't be able to remember any user names, much less passwords.

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