Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ten on Fat Tuesday

Ten Things I've Done for Lent
1. No candy, including chocolate.
2. No chocolate, but still other candy.
3. No sweets, covering both the chocolate and the candy and the desserts.
4. No being mean to my siblings (as a child, obviously, as I no longer see most of my siblings so don't have the chance to be mean, although I might take said opportunity with some of them if it presented itself).
5. No caffeine.
6. No Diet Coke (and taken up coffee), sidestepping the caffeine issue.
7. No cursing, a very, very hard one to do.
8. No listening to the radio or CDs while commuting to work so I could spend time thinking and talking with God. A mostly miserable failure as instead of thinking and talking to God, I mostly talked on the phone or worked my Blackberry.
9. No calling the dumb-ass drivers -- those who cut me off or who drive to slow or who talk on the phone or who read their email -- "morons".
10. No Rubio's, the lunch I craved every day when I worked at The Chronicle.

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