Monday, February 26, 2007

Were the Oscars Last Night?

A few reasons why I knew the Oscars were on last night. First, the Pink section last week of The Chronicle had a ballot. (I'm pretty sure I saw it promoted in the paper, but I admit to not having actually read anything except the two crossword puzzles in last week's Pink.) Second, I saw anticipatory comments on it at Maya's Mom. Third, although this is stretching it because it only made me aware that the Oscars were soon but not specifically last night, I read someone's prediction that Cars was going to win for animated film but that Monster House deserved to.

I was particularly excited by the last one. Because that meant that I had seen two of the movies up for Oscars. And last night I managed to have all children abed and see the last three (three-quarters of the major awards) presented. And, guess what? I also saw a movie up for Best Picture. Yes, me, the anti-moviegoer, actually saw a movie in the year in which it was released and when it was up for an Oscar. It didn't win.

So, is it just mass entertainment that I'm agin'? No, because I regularly read a major metro daily. And I do watch reruns of "Everybody Loves Raymond." And I'm way up on any kid movie or TV show. I mean, totally. I know Jamie Lynn and I know Emma and I now know Nat. I have seen great kids movies, okay kids movies, and the freakin' lamest kids movies ever made. I know what the latest Kidz Bop number is (11) and what songs are on the previous one. (Because I won't buy the CD anywhere but in a store because once they get your address and phone number you are screwed.)

I thought I'd have more time to pay attention to adult movies. [Not that adult.] To adult books. To adult TV shows. To adult conversation. To adult anything. Alas, that's not what has happened.

And, guess what? I'm okay with that. I'm okay continuing to be out of it when it comes to pop culture. (Except that which can be found on A2 of The Chronicle.) Heck, the kids control our disposable income anyway, right?

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