Tuesday, March 20, 2007

10 Things I Hate Doing

It’s Ten on Tuesday, and the prompt this week is really tough. Because I love everything I do. C’mon, guys and gals, group hug. Did I have you going there? I didn’t think so.

I’ve taken this to mean the things I hate but that I do. Not the things I hate so I don’t do. I’m hopeful that distinction makes sense to you. If not, you could always see how others interpreted this by clicking here.

1. Cleaning out the grime in the sink in the kids’ bathroom. Multiple times a day. Because what moron would put a black marble sink in a kids’ bathroom? It is foul. Toothpaste, spit, soap, etc. Sure, they’d mess up other colors and types of sinks just as much. But I wouldn’t be as bothered because I wouldn’t see it.

2. Cleaning toilets, especially those used by the boys in the household. And especially after Luke says, “Hey, Mom, I can pee without lifting the seat up.”

3. Getting up to let the dog out. Getting up to let the dog in. Getting up to let the dog out. Getting up to let the dog in.

4. Picking up dog poop.

5. Taking the dog for a walk when it’s throwing down the rain.

6. Watching what I eat because I’ve put on weight for a multitude of reasons.

7. Physical therapy for my neck. I’m always in such pain later in the day and into the night.

8. Having to mouse on the left so I can slow myself down so I can help the neck so I can avoid more pain, more physical therapy and more drugs.

9. Sleeping on my back or on my side so I don’t aggravate the neck so I can avoid more pain, more physical therapy and more drugs.

10. The daily bickering that goes on and on and on and on around me.


Debi said...

Great list! #2 especially cracked me up...so true!!!
But I'm very sorry about your neck...sounds awful!

Unknown said...

I hate putting the seat down when hubby forgets..great list

Anonymous said...

Could not stop catch my breath I was laughing so hard from number 2.
Sorry about the neck - hubby has trouble with neck - he's up and down all day (works nights).
Thanks for visiting mine.
Sending healing vibes from New York, Frances

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your pain! I hope things get better for you (including the bickering).

I would absolutely die if we had a black sink. I just cleaned bathrooms today and I gag as it is, I can't imagine seeing ALL of the grim and filth!

And I live with three guys, I KNOW what you're saying on #2. Boy howdy, do I. *grin*

And I laughed at #3. That would drive me INSANE.

Julia said...

LOL # 2 crack me up. I don't have kids but spending so much time with my friends who have all boys, I can so understand what you mean :)

And I agree with # 3 - Oh gawd, kill me now LOL

Great list! Happy Ten on Tuesday - have good day. Here is Mine!

Julia said...

Oops! I forgot to mention how sorry I am that you're in pain. I hope your neck heal real soon. I wish you a speedy recovery and good well :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, if I was going to do another 10 things I hate to do I'd have to borrow heavily from yours! I hear you on the pain stuff, sorry that you are hurting too. I am all over with arthritis, a truly evil ailment. The toilet chores I have been able to pass along to the teenagers in the house YAY which makes the constant bickering a tad bit more bearable. And don't let's start on the dog. "Can I have a dog, pleeeeeease? I'll take care of it! I'll love it and feed it and let it out 20 times a day and ..." Heh. ;)


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