Monday, March 5, 2007

10 Things I'd Like to Learn How to Do

[Last week, I did the list of 10 of things I would do if I were younger. I didn't take it as what I would do if I were back in my very own (younger) youth. I took it as what I'd take up if I were younger today. But I think I could possibly/maybe/perhaps take up one or two even in my ripe old age. I'm just pointing that out in case someone wants to cry "foul" at a repeat or two.]
I would like to learn how to:
1. Do yoga.
2. Meditate.
3. Sing well. Not just loudly.

4. Fluently speak and write at least one other language.
5. Cook creatively.

6. Take magnificent photos.
7. Write and (adequately) perform a stand-up routine.

8. Travel back in time but not have to stay there.

9. Speak softly and carry a big stick rather than scream and twirl a baton.
10. Bite my tongue more often (but not all the time).
Want to see others' lists? By all means, go.
[An ending bracket, too? Criminy. Those of you astute folks from 360 who clicked on last week's link in the beginning bracket see that I'm going the Blogger route. Everything I've posted at 360 has been posted on Blogger for about a month. Ultimately, I'll quit bothering to copy onto 360. I'll let you know when. I know all 12 of you will want to know!]


Unknown said...

this is a great list..very realistic..I would love to bite my tongue more often. it would save me from getting touble

Julia said...

Boy do I know what you mean by sing well but not just loudly ;) I wish to learn that too.

And yeah, too many times when I say something..I want to bite my tongue too. Such a trouble I can get into ;) Great list!

Happy Ten On Tuesday! I hope you have great day! Here is Mine!

Valtool said...

Re:8 I always liked the opening of the movie Timecop. Someone who isn't supposed to haveaccess to time travel has gone back to the American Civil War and holds up a wagon full of gold with a pair of Uzis, obviously out of place/time.

It gave me the idea that having the ability to influence the outcome of some event from the past could be fun. Of course it would set up the whol Back to the Future "don't mess with the space/time continuim" problem

Melody said...

Hi Patty, great list! I love #8! LOL. Happy ToT!


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