Friday, March 2, 2007

Best Content in the Newspaper

My all time favorite correction for The Chronicle happened many years ago. I clipped it and had it on my wall for a very, very, very long time. I've since tossed it, but it remains etched in my mind. It was simple, really, and this is what it said:

In a caption accompanying an article on the science of Star Trek on Monday,
Starfleet character Mr. Spock was incorrectly identified as Dr. Spock.

I just thought it was the most hysterically funny correction. Imagine the indignant calls coming from Trekkies everywhere, outraged that a major metropolitan newspaper could make such an error. [And to prove you can't make this stuff up -- and to further underscore my OCD nature -- I did a search on SFGate and found the actual correction.]

What brings this to mind, more than six years after I first stumbled upon it? Just yesterday, I read my all time favorite letter to the editor. It is from the co-author of "Jersey Boys," a gent by the name of Marshall Brickman. Brickman wrote a letter to Datebook (the entertainment section of The Chronicle) in response to a story February 14 about the play.

The Chronicle ran the snippet Brickman took issue with above Brickman's letter to the editor. In the snippet from the story, it's clear that the director of "Jersey Boys" is essentially taking substantial credit for the script. And Brickman so deftly sets the record straight. You truly need to read his letter for the full effect. Here's his conclusion:

"But why be churlish? I owe the man.
He wrote our show, ate my dinner, married my wife
and fathered my children.
For all I know, he may have even written this letter."

I want to write like that. I want that talent. I laugh so hard every time I read it. It makes me want to see the plays he's written.

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