Friday, March 2, 2007

I'd Like to Take This Opportunity

With kids, everything is a learning opportunity. Coming home from school on Thursday, we drive by the sanitation folks. They're on a street not far from our house, flushing the sewers. I pull over next to one of the workers to get a better look. He turns out to be the man who let the lad and me watch him work on our street six months previously.

I roll down the windows on the kids' side of the car, and say, "Hi. Can you tell us what you're doing?" And he does. He explains how his vehicle, which is hooked up to a fire hydrant, helps maintain the sewer system. He talks about his truck and the one down the street. Nice guy. Very good with the kids.

Sammy says, "Have you ever discovered other civilizations in the sewer?"

And he says, "You mean, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?"

The kids all look blankly at him. I step in and say, "No, like Flushed Away."

"Do things get flushed away? Oh, yeah, we see lots of things flushed away. Rings, jewelry, and all kinds of stuff," he says.

Just a bit of misunderstanding all around. So I say, "Thanks so much," and we drive off.

Sam's take-away? That there are colonies of rats living in the sewer, just like in England.

Ryan's take-away? He says, "I think that would be so cool. Maybe I'll be that when I grow up." And I tell him that's cool. It's people like that guy who keep towns and cities running.

Luke's take-away? None offered.

My take-away? A few. First, does Sammy ever talk about anything besides TV or movies? Second, how could someone "in the business" not know about the not-to-be-missed movie Flushed Away? Third, there's a learning experience out there all the time, but what they -- or I -- learn isn't necessarily what I was expecting.

[I'm joining the Carnival of Family Life for the first time. I wrote this for that. It's to be hosted here this week.]

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Anonymous said...

Delightful! Just delightful! Keep watching for those golden opportunities that would pass by if we weren't attuned to see them!

Wonderful contribution tot he Crnival of Family Life!


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