Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'll Have My Gal Call Your Gal

Sammy is putting herself out there to all her friends that she's looking for playdates. We happen to live within walking distance to a couple of girls who go to her school and are even in the same grade as she is.

[Okay, that's unusual because we don't go to the neighborhood school. We go to a by-lottery school that is the cause of consternation for all who fail to get in and the cause of happy-dancing for all of us who do win. We happy-dancers have resigned ourselves to never winning anything else: casino blackjack, casino slots, scratch-off lottery tickets, Lotto, blog writing contests, the bigger half of the wishbone, etc. We happy-dancers, however, are at peace with this because, dude, we won the school lottery! In. Your. Face.]

I'm back. But tired from all of that happy-dancing. Last night, for one of the first times in a long time, the Samster accompanied me and Corrie down to the field to get the dog-chases-ball-thing going. On our way back, we ran into not one, but two of girls from school. Sam asked for a playdate with both of them. Perhaps even a sleepover, she opined. No one would ever use "shy" as a label for Sam.

Earlier that day, the kids and I were hanging by the ice cream truck after school. I had my three plus two more. And one of Sammy's friends from school and the Brownies comes up with her mother. Sammy is her usual subtle self, "Can I have a playdate? Can I? Can I have a sleepover?" [Criminy, that girl really hates hanging with her brothers and her boyish mother!]

The mom and I say we'll see what's on the calendar and go from there. And I get an email from the mom today, which says:

"We would enjoy having Sammy over for a play date after school on Friday.
How does her calendar look?"

"Her" calendar. It makes Sammy sound like a very posh, very busy chickadee. When I think about it, that girl does have a few things going. She's got Brownies every other week. And she's got acting class on Sundays. And she's got church and Godly Play on Sundays.

But, mostly, she's got nothing going on. Not really. And I can tell she really does need to get out more, away from us. All right, away from me. But I'd like to keep her a little longer. I'd like her to not have a full calendar. I'd like to not have to check it to see if she's free to, I don't know, take the dog for a walk.

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Unknown said...

Her calendar. Classic. Tell her Sammy will check her palm pilot to see if she can fit her in...


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