Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Must Like Working for a %^#&@

I really wish I had a copy of the display ad that ran in Sunday's Chronicle. Entitled "Finance and Operations Guru needed," it began with several bullet points:

  • Are you an astute finance and operations professional with a knack for getting it done?
  • Have you managed and administered all revenue, expense and operational functions at a newspaper?
  • Are you looking for a fresh, exciting, and challenging opportunity?
  • Do you like working for a bitch who is only interested in her own well-being, who will sell you down the river if you are tempted to maintain any balance of work and family, who hates women with any children or any backbone, and who hates men period?

Okay, the last line wasn't actually in the display ad for the job. (Here's the textual description you can find online at SFGate.) But it should be. This woman? Horrid. I've honestly never encountered any human currently not employed by and therefore dreadfully fearful of her who had a good thing to say about her. She makes my skin crawl. She's the worst person in that 2,000-person company. And, trust me, that's saying a lot.

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Miss Meak said...

HAHAHAHA....The ICE princess strikes again...NO one in their right mind in the state of CA will take this job if they know whats good for them.....and you know what that means...more RECRUITMENT from the murder capital of the world.


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