Friday, March 23, 2007

Not the One-Armed Killer

Luke is the typical die-hard rock fan. Typical, that is, except for the fact that he's 4. While he's messed around with guitars, his passion is for drumming. Since his earliest days of being able to hold sticks, he's been using said sticks for drumming. He'll drum with anything on anything. We've only encouraged this need to drum by getting him drum kits. I say "kits" because he's gone through all three cheap sets. Beaten them to early deaths. So now he has a professional, albeit on the bottom of the cost scale, electronic drum kit.

One of his favorite bands of late is Def Leppard. I might have mentioned that in the past. You know the drummer, right? His name is Rick Allen. He has one arm. As they euphemistically put it, he lost his other arm in a car wreck on New Year's Eve in 1984. Man, how'd you like to enter the new year with one less limb?

Luke is big into modeling behavior. All little kids are, right? Which is why I might turn beet red at some of the less unsavory actions of my children. In this case, not so bad. He plays Def Leppard songs along to a DVD. And when Rick has no arm -- as is the case throughout most of the DVD -- Luke pulls his arm into his sleeve. And he drums like crazy, just like Rick Allen.

I'm doing physical therapy for the neck. There are a lot of old people there. [Yeah, me, too.] Yesterday I saw a gent for the first time there. He has one arm. I noticed first off and didn't really do a double-take. No, I did worse than that. I looked intently to see if I could find the arm he was hiding.

It wasn't hiding.

I blame Luke, of course.

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