Monday, April 9, 2007

10 High School Memories

Well, 10 high school memories, eh? Dang, high school was a long time ago. Add to that the fact that I did plenty of things that make remembering what I did that much more difficult, and I find myself struggling.

Should they be just the great memories? The crappy ones, too? Should it just be while physically at high school? Or should it be just that time of my life?

No guidance, just the weekly prompt from Ten on Tuesday. I’ll try to keep it semi-school related. Read about more high school memories here.

1. Working in the theatre department day in and day out, never getting enough of it until I got too much of it.

2. “Breakfast at Delaney’s,” the day the evil theatre teacher busted four of us for skipping his class. (Actually, I was busted, but I hadn’t skipped his class.)

3. My friend Stacy Downing, who had CF and later succumbed to it our freshman year of college. I showed her how to smoke a…let’s call it a cigarette, right? She was one of those busted for skipping school.

4. The smoking lounge. Yes, they had those way back then.

5. Mentos in the candy machine.

6. My head-over-heels love of Kirk Mosel, and the weekly daily moment-to-moment off-again, on-again nature of our relationship. [I can actually make myself giggle now by thinking of it as a “relationship.” What a grown-up term!]

7. Fleetwood Mac concerts.

8. Hanging out with a cadre of seven or eight really good friends for the most marvelous summer of my life.

9. Two trips to Myrtle Beach with all of us, one over spring break and one in the summer.

10. Fighting to wrest control of my life from the adults who, in hindsight, really did know better.


Scribbit said...

Oh, I've blocked most high school memories. A lot of Scorpions and football games and lock problems :)

Not my best time :)

RM said...

Hanging out with close friends and having the summer of your life - Too bad most jobs don't give you 2 months of summer vacation. Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany Morton said...

Don'tcha hate it when the adults turn out to be right?

Julia said...

My HS years wasn't good for me either. So I just ended up listing what I remember were good about the school mostly, and just a little bit about me LOL...after graduation I just blocked everything bad that has happen. But I remember the good friends that I made though, still today :)

Thanks for sharing your HS memories with us...Happy Ten on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear about your friend though :(

Jennifer Coomer said...

Smoking lounge. Isn't that crazy?? I remember when I was in middle school (in a different city from where I ended up going to h.s.) I visited the high school several times for various things and I remember there was one short hallway where the kids could smoke. I look back on that now and I can't belive that was ever allowed.


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