Tuesday, April 24, 2007

10 Things I Like to do Alone

I'm never able to just list the 10, am I? No, I'm not. Just one note here. The * ones relate only to the presence of children in my household. They're the ones I'm excluding. Those without an * relate to more than just them.

1. Using the bathroom in peace. No kids. No dog.

2.* Grocery shopping.

3. Visiting craft fairs.

4.* Cleaning house. Because while I understand that, long term, I’m creating more well rounded and competent human beings, it takes too freakin’ long with those children helping.

5. Any type of travel. Let me deal with all of the frustrations of travel by myself. Meet me at the destination, husband and kids, and we’ll have a grand time. But don’t travel with me.

6. Using a computer. No, I don’t want to be told step-by-step how to do something on the computer. Nor do I want to look over your shoulder and tell you how. Computers should be solo-driven.

7. Shopping for clothes for myself. I hate shopping for my clothes. I always have. So let me just go in and buy what I need here or here and be on my way.

8. Reading the Sunday newspaper. And read it first. Before you touch it.

9. Giving driving directions.

10. Walking the dog.

[For others’ concepts of solitary needs, go to 10 on Tuesday.]


Melissa said...

Great List! We have some similar ones! I'm with ya all the way on the traveling one!!!! UGH! Have a great week!

Tiffany Morton said...

Love the list. I'm here looking for ideas - I only have four so far... :)

Trista said...

Great list. I was short one, but if I had stretched my brain a bit, I could have gotten one more. I agree with several items on your list.

Julia said...

I should have put using computer alone. It really nice to be able to sit and relax with computer in front of you. That me most day, if there nothing else need my attention *grin*

Like your list, Happy Ten on Tuesday! Have a good day

Anonymous said...

Great list! I sure hear ya about the kids, don't think it ends when they are teenagers and are supposed to know how to help! I'm constantly wanting to do it over! Sometimes I think I should have had them helping right from the get-go but you are right, it's a lot of time & effort to "train" them

Anonymous said...

With you on clothes shopping. I hate it when someone is with me and I have to come out of a dressing room and say it didn't fit. Too depressing.

Melody said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your list, especially #5. ;P


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