Tuesday, April 3, 2007

10 Things I Love About Springtime

1. The trampoline is back after its winter hibernation, which means the kids are running around outside. [I hope it goes without saying that running around outside is better than bickering inside. Even if the outside running around includes occasional bickering. Or repeated bickering. That I can’t hear.]

2. Springing out the pop-up camper and sleeping in it when it’s parked in the driveway.

3. It isn't warm enough yet to open up the pool, so I don’t have to spend hours outside supervising the kids.

4. Outside, it’s a glorious warm, warm, warm (as opposed to the dreaded hot, hot, hot of summer).

5. One word: bicycle.

6. People out and about in the neighborhood.

7. I’m not getting drenched or freezing or sweating as I take the dog for her walks.

8. No more mud from the winter rains being tracked in from that dog.

9. The lad is exhausted after his morning at preschool because he ran around and around and around. And around!

10. Large Galaxy chocolate Easter eggs.

Of course, others have weighed in on what they love about springtime because it's Ten on Tuesday.


Julia said...

Agree! Running outside is so much better then running inside. It such headaches with all that screaming. But then I love the sound of kids laughter *grin*

I should have put bicycle on my list too. It one of the thing I do in the spring time :)Great list!

Happy ToT - I hope you have great day! Here is Mine!

Debi said...

So true...the bickering you can't hear is so much easy to stomach than the bickering you can't escape!

Jennifer Coomer said...

i agree about the not hot hot hot. i don't like hot hot hot. and i live in the south...with humidty. ick.

and our springs usually mean lots of t-storms and rain.

Drew said...

Warm, warm instead of hot, hot is very nice! I liked your list...

Tiffany Morton said...

Great list - I'm not much of an outdoorsy person though...I like to hide from the world! :)

Writer Bug said...

ooh. What a fun site. Thanks for introducing it to me. I laughed at your no more mud... Spring is mud season in Boston! And unfortunately, my lab just loves the mud!

Unknown said...

I love the fact that the neighbors are out about...people are very friendly in the spring time

Marisa said...

I had #6 on my list! I love seeing neighbors again, chatting with fellow dog walkers/joggers/park-goers instead of just quickly nodding hi and scurrying away before your bones can freeze.

Kathy said...

Great spring list! I also loved it when my kids were outside...they slept better at night, too.
I should have put bicycling on this list. We have a few good bike trails in the area, and we should check them out.
Thanks for visiting my site.

Anonymous said...

Great T of T - I love spring! Mine are up as well!


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