Friday, April 27, 2007

Hey! You! Cheap Party Thrower!

Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking to you. You know who you are. One of your kids is a kindergartener at my kids’ school. Yeah, the great school which has a park right next door to it. Isn’t that great – going to a school with a park right next to it?

The park is ideal for birthday parties. I agree. The play structure. The sand box. The swings. Even the creek where the three homeless folks in our city hang out. All right there. And you can walk the kids over to the party right after a.m. kindergarten lets out. Perfect.

Except if the mother of the birthday boy doesn’t invite all of the kids in his class. Then, not such a perfect setting. For the uninvited. The unwashed. The ones who walk through the freakin’ park on their way home. Or who go to the park with their friend for a play date after school.

I’m cool about not inviting all the kids in the class. I’ve done the same. But I’ve mailed the invitations to the house. I’ve not held the parties in a public place that the uninvited will so clearly pass by. Because that’s just rude to little five year olds. Rude to a little five-year-old girl. Who asked her mom’s friend, “Why wasn’t I invited to the party?”

You bitch. I hope your son enjoyed the cheap, convenient party you threw. You inconsiderate bitch.

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Tink said...

I swear they should IQ tests before they're allowed to breed.


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