Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm So Not Nice #2

After two long hours at the fourth graders' Bike Safety Rodeo, Luke was spent. It was time to negotiate a peaceful lull in the crescendo of pleadings and cries of "I'm b o r e d!" We had many items on our Must Do list. [Screw To Do lists, man, I have dozens of those. But every morning there's only one Must Do list.] Putting all of my powers of persuasion to test, I offered up a bribe to him: go to Staples, then go to Target, then get gas, and then go to McDonald's. His counter-offer was to put McDonald's first.

So, McDonald's has American Idol toys now as part of their
Happy Meal. As we both ordered Happy Meals, we each got a toy. It was the same one, a guitar. He's content, and he's playing it. I shove the other one in my purse, figuring I'd give it to Sammy.

Then some older folks -- grandparental -- show up with two little kids. The boy is probably nearly 3. The girl probably just about 5. The grandparents are probably 65'ish. Not old, old. But old. [As I approach that age, I'm sure I'll be calling 65 "older" rather than "old."] And the kids have Happy Meals. And their grandparents haven't a clue as to what to do with them.

Luke and I are tidying up to leave, and I note that the kids have toys other than guitars. The girl has a mic and the boy has what turns out to be an MP3 player. [And if you think I mean any of these toys are actually real, you need to visit McD's more often.] The grandmother says, "I don't know how to work these at all." I come to the rescue with my unopened duplicate guitar, and I say to the boy, "Here, this is great. You just press this button here." Kid is enthralled.

I take the MP3 player, noting that there's the on/off switch that they've neglected to turn on. Do I say, "Oh, you just flip this switch and it will work for you?" Hell, no. I just scored my son a new toy. And, I'm telling you, it's the best of the bunch. I accept the grandparents' thanks and the boy's smiling wave, and we wander off. And now I wait for the universe to correct my behavior in some way. In the meantime, that MP3 player is pretty cool.

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