Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let's Mosey Yawn Down

My friend Veronica called a couple of weeks ago to ask me if I’d be willing to moderate some focus groups. With women, she said. Just run two groups. No report. For a decent amount of money.

Sounds great, right? So I said I would. And then she told me the subject: constipation. And what’s the first thing to come to mind for me? "Is talking about constipation the same as talking about yawning?"

Did you just yawn? I did. All I have to do is write the word, hear the word, read the word or see the action to respond in kind. The power of suggestion for me is very strong. Is it any wonder that I’d worry about the impact constipation would have on my…you know?

The groups were hysterically funny, overall. The clients got what they needed, and a good time was had by everyone in both groups.

C’mon, how often do people want to hear about your inability to have a bowel movement and what you do to have one?

And how often do you get to taste test – yes, I wrote “taste test” – a laxative? (As moderator, I opted out of the taste test, thanks.)

And how often do you get free laxatives to take home with you as a parting gift, along with the $50 or $75 or whatever it was the women got paid as a fee for participating?

I tell you, all in all, it was more fun than the groups I’ve conducted for real estate companies or Macy’s or The Chronicle or utilities.

Possible next subject for groups to conduct? Drug-abusing teen-age girls. Better go brush up on my drug and alcohol slang.

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