Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Entry for the Marilyn Look-Alike Contest

Not really. It's from Shelly at This Eclectic Life. She's having a contest called "This Blog Blows My Dress Up." And now you get the "Marilyn" reference, right? As in Marilyn Monroe. Not as in Marilyn Manson. [Yeah, I know, I'd do better as an entry in the latter's look-alike contest.]

But did you check out Shelly's contest? Did you see what it's about? Funny blog entries. I'm funny, right? Okay. I can be funny if I really work at it. And so I entered three previous posts. I asked three F&B* friends to pick funny ones. They actually agreed. To a point. You be the judge. Or, actually, Shelly's non-blogging friend will be the judge. Not let's just hope she has no mineral-deficient, one-armed, difficult relatives, okay? [Damn! I should have checked.]

So here are my entries. If you think there have been more humorous ones, keep that thought to yourself and tell me privately. As I never win contests -- except some hand sanitizer by random selection -- I'm sure I'll be in need of your input for my next foray.

Not the One-Armed Killer

Teaching is a Gift. Gifting the Teacher.

Blaine and the Gravel on the Manhole Cover

[*F&B means “flesh and blood,” meaning real life people I know.]


Scribbit said...

I thought it was a great idea for a contest--good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

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