Monday, April 16, 2007

Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville

[One of I don't know how many posts that spring to mind because the kids and I went away for an overnighter to Yuba City, gateway to...I'm not sure.]

With spankin' new Hampton Inns right next door to spankin' new Chili's restaurants, there's no need to drive the gas-guzzling behemoth to dinner. We just walked our sorry selves over. You could almost throw a baseball from the hotel to the restaurant. That's how close it was. [Well, I could just about throw that distance. Ryan's ball would fall short of mine. Sam's would fall well short of his. And Luke's would be in the other direction.] But I still heard at least one child whine about having to walk all that way.

As is Luke's pattern, he picked up the coasters to play with them as if they were cards. We didn't have that many, so I started going from empty table to empty table, picking up a few here, a few there. We saw some quite unique ones at the table right across from us, the one occupied by a tattooed biker gent and his lady. Tattooes up and down the arms don't scare me. Tattooed biker gent was quite pleasant in tossing me his coasters.

It turns out that Chili's has this contest going where, according to the coaster, you can create your own coaster artwork and it'll be featured at Chili's nationwide. Oh, and you get a Margarita Madness party with that. All the details are here. [Kids, don't try this at home!] Now, I'll actually check out the website once I'm finished with my storytelling here.

The fact is that Sam loves to draw. All the time. Always drawing pictures. Always coloring. It's a Sam thing. So she got hold of a couple of those coasters, and she decided she was going to enter the contest. When we got home the next day from our whirlwind tour of Yuba City, she drew this:

Assuming you need interpretation, this is a rainbow margarita, a pot of gold margarita, really, under the rainbow. Hey, I see a marketing whiz at work. Isn't there a gold-themed tequila somewhere? Why, yes, there is. There's Montezuma Gold. There's, of course, Cuervo Gold. I think she's onto something. Now don't you be stealing a little 8-year-old's ideas, okay?

Right, she's 8. I'm guessing she won't be able to enter this contest. Maybe there's someone out there who'd like to buy the rights to her drawing and her idea? Stop. You. Over there. Stop right now. Don't you dare draw your own margarita pot of gold under a rainbow. Bastard.

[What happens when I enter her real age to try to get contest details? This sorry note appears. Drat, she'll have to win booze and glory some other way.]

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