Friday, April 13, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings #5

1. The 10-year-old boy won the test of wills. In my defense, he didn’t know it was a test. I wondered how long he could go without mentioning that he was out of both soap and shampoo in the shower he uses. I caved eight days after noticing. I bought him some manly Dial soap and harangued him about neglecting to clean his various body parts. Nonplussed, he noted that, “It’s really hard to clean your own butt.” I will offer that up to our local water district when the next drought comes and they’re encouraging co-showering once again.

2. After racing Luke to the car and he wins I say, “Some day, you’ll let me win.” And he says, “No, you’re just going to have to learn to run faster.” Where did this kid come from? More importantly, when is he leaving?

3. Sammy to Luke, “You’re just a sore sport!” “It’s not ‘sore’ sport. It’s ‘poor’ sport,” he says in reply. So she of course comes back with, “You’re just a poor sport!” Perhaps, but do I see a true grammarian in the making?

4. The kids and I went on an overnight trip earlier this week. One of my takeaways? (And there were quite a few to fill many a post.) This is the first time I’ve not had to lift the trash cans up off the floor of hotel so some grimy kid wouldn’t get into them.

5. Only after calling the dog a “dumb skull” did I finally get how the word “numbskull” was created. That word has been a part of my vocabulary for nigh-on 35, 40 years.

Highlights Magazine might want to take a look at how it words its emails’ subjects. I’ve got one sitting in the “highly suspicious and dangerous” file, placed there by the forever-on-the-lookout Microsoft Hotmail folks. The problem? The subject reads “Your Hidden Pictures Hotlink for April.” You have to be cautious. I mean, look at Pete Townshend and what he went through.

7. What the hell is it with the tabs on DVD covers? It wasn’t hard enough to open without the tabs?

8. If you’ve not had the chance to purchase “Davie and Golimyr,” get thee to the Internet pronto and buy it. Or at least look at the video clips, which is a lot like watching the entire 40-minute movie. I remarked to Pete this morning that the characters are truly “scary-ugly.” He noted that much of the crud the kids watch on TV is filled with scary-ugly characters. Like SpongeBob. Or Ed, Edd and Eddy. Whatever happened to the good looking cartoon characters of yore? [Right, like Popeye? Or H.R. Pufnstuf?] Shudder!

9. Pete is doing some work for a law firm, setting up an office for them in London. He happened to mention that there is a travel agency just for lawyers. Can you imagine how carefully those travel agents must tread?

10. If it's true that I vacuum two to three times a week, how is it that my dog doesn't look like this, what with all of the hair she sheds? [And it's true. I do vacuum two to three times a week. I don't know the yardstick for this. Is that too little? Too much?]


Melissa said...

Great List! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Christie said...

Laughed really hard at number one...been there, done that.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Yours looks like a great place to sit for a while!


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