Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings #6

1. I was always proud – how dumb is that choice of word? – of my ability to keep the house clean while I worked full time and raised kids and on and on and on. In reality, it appears I’m not a good housekeeper. In my working days, I really only saw the house during the week in dim lighting and on the weekends while I was alternately playing with children and cleaning said house.

2. I think God makes our eyes age at a fast rate so that when we check ourselves out in the mirror, we don’t look so bad. Don’t make the mistake of wearing your glasses if you’re old and trying this at home!

3. My mom baked a lot when I was growing up. I licked many a bowl and many a spoon. How come the raw eggs didn’t kill me? Am I the only mother out there who still lets kids lick the bowl even if the recipe used – say it ain’t so – an egg or two?

4. It is easier to run the last bit of Chocolate Lucky Charms in a box through a sieve than it is to listen to the youngest whine about black “dust” in his bowl.

5. Does anybody else find it hard to always tell the difference between when the kids are playing and when they are fighting?

6. How true is it that the difficult children turn out to be the smartest? I’m thinking others tell you that so you don’t do grave harm to a future Einstein or something.

7. Sitting around the table during dinner, we’re talking about everybody having a doppelganger – that’s “double” for us Americans – and I say, “Mine’s a Playboy bunny. You know, a beautiful model.” Ryan says, “Maybe in another country you could be a supermodel.” Sam pipes in with, “But not in Europe.” Well, kids, thanks for that.

8. I do have a habit of saying to people who call me skinny, “You’ve never seen me naked. Nor will you ever.”

9. I always take three bags when I walk the dog because you never know when one might have a hole. Or when she might need to go more than once. “Always” except today, that is. Today, I only brought two. Both bags had holes.

10. If your dog is prone to getting car sick, it is not a good idea to put on the rear wipers to play with her head. Unless you want a 65-pound lap dog while you’re driving.

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