Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings #7

1. I’m not sure which is worse: cleaning before you have people over – and by “people,” you know I mean kids, too – or cleaning again once they’ve left.

2. Lifted straight from the husband’s mouth – we know that critical mass with kids is less than six. How do we know that? Three kids of our own plus three kids sleeping over.

3. Why is it that my kids can spend ages doing something they enjoy, but when I call them to do something required – take a shower, get dressed, pick up this or that, etc. – they are immediately in dire need of using the bathroom or they are starving?

4. My parents bought a movie camera when I was about six or so. My dad, an Air Force officer, was the primary cameraman. What was he thinking when he was filming his five kids and they all started flashing peace signs all the time?

5. There must be some comparison that can be made between the dumb dog chasing after whatever the wind is blowing and my life.

6. Why is it that so many of the really good blogs I read are written by women who are on medication?

7. Luke gave Ryan a hug, and I encouraged him to give him a kiss. Ryan protested wildly that boys don’t kiss boys. When I pointed out that he kisses his dad and his uncles, he said, “Sporadically!”

8. The setting: the Jeep. I’m driving. Pete is riding shotgun. The bickerers are in the back. I’m fake yelling at Pete, saying, “Do what I tell you to!” Ryan pipes in with, “He doesn’t have to listen to you. He’s a man.” A couple of beats go by. “And he’s not a ladies man.”

9. At 6:06 p.m., I drive past a woman in her pajamas and robe taking our the trash. I say to Pete, “At six o’clock at night, is it too early for her to be in her pajamas or is it too late?”

10. Name the eight Democratic presidential candidates. Go. Yeah, me, neither.

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Anonymous said...

This describes a typical day in the life of an American family! Seems we're tugged in all directions and don't know which way is up...this made me laugh from so much honesty!


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