Friday, April 27, 2007

You Get It, Right?

That the "Whee! All the Way Home" for the blog's title is taken from that all-time children's favorite, "This Little Piggie"? That was clear to you before my friend the brilliant designer made the banner for me, yes? And isn't that a cool banner? Isn't it better than just a bunch of silly words? Silly words which, you likely have noticed, are now in the sidebar. That way. No, the sidebar. There. Right.

Thank you Olivia Wong, designer extraordinaire, for the banner. I feel, I don't know, more kempt now. (You know, as opposed to unkempt.) [Frankly, I need to put into my vocabulary rotation the word "kempt" as I never seem to find an opportunity to use it. I believe that will make me appear more sophisticated.]

[Now, when reading the
"This Little Piggie" link, I had to laugh at the instructions of "Use your finger to wiggle each toe, starting with the biggest." At least they used "roast beef" for the third piggie. I've come across some people who use "applesauce." Clearly a vegan thing, don't you think?]

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