Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10 Greatest Accomplishments in My Life

[In chronological order, my take on Ten on Tuesday's prompt for today. Check out what others have done in their lives by clicking here.]

1. When I was 8, after three years on the swim team, finally getting a 6th place at a meet. This following three summers of competing without knowing how to dive.

2. Straight A’s my freshman year of college.

3. Ryan.

4. Sammy.

5. Luke.

6. Although it makes me management scum, capably handling the frenzy surrounding contract negotiations at The San Francisco Chronicle.

7. Throwing my mom a great 70th birthday party in Las Vegas.

8. Working (on the media and public relations side of things) to help keep reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams out of jail.

9. Quitting a job I was good at and that I enjoyed a great deal so I could stay home with the kids.

10. Not driving my husband Pete away. (Yet.)


JennieBoo said...

HA! #10 is awesome. I'm still working on that one, myself.

You have so many great accomplishments.

YAY for you! (claps hands and grins)

See ya next week, if not before!


Hootin'Anni said...

I want you as my 'new best friend' when I turn 70!!! Okay? Vegas here we come!!!

Mine's posted

Julia said...

First congrats to all your accomplishments! It is wonderful that you finally got in 6th place for meet. You must be proud of yourself :)

Family is the biggest accomplishments for me in life, always :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, Happy Ten on Tuesday!

Kitty said...

What a great list of accomplishments. Getting straight A's would have been really hard. Accomplishments mean so much more when others benefit as well.

Clare said...

I like this list and number 1 is so cute. I bet your family is proud of you for all you do and who you are!

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