Tuesday, May 1, 2007

10 Political Figures and What I Think of Them

Thanks for this prompt, Ten on Tuesday. I’m not including any of the current crop of 42 people running for president. For self-preservation reasons, I'm ignoring the faux presidential election until the first of the caucuses and primaries are no more than 30 days away.

1. JFK. With parents originally hailing from Massachusetts, I adored the dead president as a kid. As I grew up and learned more about him, I thought less of him as a politician and substantially less of him as a person.

2. And that’s a ditto with RFK, although I don’t find him as reprehensible as a person as I do his older brother.

3. Richard Nixon. Pitied him in his later years, although I never forgave his earlier years.

4. Ronald Reagan. Hated him when he was in office. Never thought any better of him.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Came this close to voting for a Republican. But restrained.

6. Cruz Bustamante. Wrote myself in as candidate for California's Insurance Commissioner rather than vote for him. Or a Republican.

7. Gavin Newsom, the current mayor of San Francisco. Dude! His doing his best friend’s wife says it all for me. You can’t think highly of a politician if he’s a scumbag of a person. At least I can’t.

8. Queen Elizabeth II. Can I count her as a political figure? [Who’s going to stop me?] Love her. Respect her. Feel for her. And if she can’t control her kids, who can?

9. Dianne Feinstein. Now why can’t she be 20 years younger and running for president? Why Clinton? [Dang. I said I wasn't paying attention!]

10. Bill Clinton. Probably more a sleazebag than I’m willing to admit. For some reason, I cut him more slack than I cut the dead Kennedys. And that’s probably because finding out their foibles was shocking to me. Clinton’s? Not so much. And so, then, why so hard on Newsom? Dude! You don’t stab your best friend in the back.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, great list! I was like you, I admired JFK for so many years and now I don't think highly of him at all! I listed a mix of political figures and went international too as you did with the queen


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