Friday, May 4, 2007

The Bald Truth About Baseball Fans

I have this little wire basket near the computer where I stash papers to deal with: bills, missives from the devil’s own health insurance company, confirmations of far-off camping reservations, and clippings which caught my eye for some silly reason or another. I’m killing time, wallowing in loneliness as my son takes a well earned nap, and I'm going through the basket, doing my best to recycle junk in it.

There was a baseball preview section in The Chronicle at the end of March. Having worked there – and having worked with the few good advertising department folks and the overwhelming majority of advertising department idiots – I always get a kick out of seeing what they manage to sell for the special sections. It wasn’t much in the way of advertising at all.

Here’s the main bread and butter for the section:

Okay, from these ads, I’m guessing that the people who are reading the Baseball 2007 section want to buy Giants tickets. Right. Apparently, they also might own expensive jewelry in need of repair. They might also need hair transplant surgery:

And they might want to get that surgery done before they ask any Japanese woman to share her life with them:

I hear you saying, "Is that ad for real?" Um, yes, it is.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious insight!


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