Monday, May 21, 2007

Smashing Face

Our Sunday, put to poetry:

Luke and Pete went down the hill,
To tidy up the place.
Luke fell down the back deck stairs
And smashed up his cute face.

Poor little guy. Lots of blood. Lots of tears. Lots of waiting in the emergency room. He wasn't able to keep still enough for a CT scan, so the images weren't perfect, but the doctor could tell he has no major broken bones. He has likely broken some little ones. Time will tell.

Random musings about the whole ordeal:

1. I wasn't there when it happened. I was out running the dog at the field. This means I feel relief that it didn't happen on my watch and guilt that I didn't go to the other field with the dog, the field that Luke prefers.

2. My ER experience in January equaled about $850 for my one-hour wait, including 4.2 minutes with the doctor. Luke was there for three hours, saw the doctor two times for a total of 3.1 minutes, and had a CT scan. Any opening bids on how much more this trip will cost?

3. I received nothing but a prescription from the ER. Luke got five packets of antibiotic ointment and an ice pack. Wonder what those pricey items will cost?

4. How many people might have the passing thought that his injuries were caused by one of my well publicized temper tantrums?

5. My two other children have to be coerced into being kind to the battered one. Why is that? Because his face is "yukking" them out.

6. With 23 kid years under our belt, it turns out this is actually our first ER visit for an accident. We've been three times for bad colds and once for an infected bug bite. Not bad, right?

7. I debated taking his picture yesterday. Part of me didn't ever want to see it again. Part of me thought that, as I try to photograph everything relevant to me, this was a pretty big one to ignore. In the end, I did it. You can click here to see it.

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Clare said...

Ouch, that looks painful! The poor guy. I hope he heals up quickly. It's pretty amazing that this is the first ER visit for an accident with kids -- that's got to be a record!


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