Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings #11

1. I have a habit of never waving back at someone who’s waving to me until I can positively ID them. I wasn’t always like that. All it took to change me, though, was having waved back at someone whom I disliked intensely. [And who had only waved to me as a ha-ha-in-your-face!] Now, I’m never too careful.

2. My inclination to signal to someone that one of the hubcaps on her car is about to fall off quickly flagged when she turned and gave me a curled lip snarl as she was yak, yak, yakking on the phone. Bitch. Can’t wait until it drops off. Heh-heh-heh.

3. Do the people who refuse to merge in when they should feel the bad vibes emanating from all of us obedient sheep following the traffic laws?

4. Around the corner from me, a bunch of cars seem to be parked outside a house every Tuesday. Mom cars parked up there, right? And I think, “Oh, they must have a bridge party. Or a book club.” But my second thought, really, was, “Maybe they’re doing a bit of prostitution on the side. You know us stay-at-home moms.”

5. Reason 4,342 that kids need fathers? So they can see him jump on the back of the Jeep and ride the half-block up the house on the outside of the vehicle. I tell you, I’m raising daredevils!

6. I am amazed by the woman who stopped working about six months ago but has continued to leave her child in after school daycare until 5:30 or so every single day.

7. I do appreciate Wamu’s thought in handing out Tootsie Roll lollipops with a “Happy Mother’s Day” message attached to it on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. I did ask though, "Are you handing these out because we’re suckers for having kids?" [For the record, the tellers were appropriately mortified that they might have offended one of their customers. They hadn’t. I was just being…me.]

8. There’s just something too weird about having toilet wipes in the public restroom at the school district’s offices. It just doesn’t seem right.

9. I’d forgotten how spinning with your eyes closed is not an easy multi-task for a 5-year-old, who hurls himself through space, almost right into the table. I can’t go to the emergency room again this soon.

10. How many days does it take one child to completely forget about another child falling flat on his face from the back deck? Let’s see, it was on Thursday that Sam started leaning on the gate, so that’s four and a half days.


Anonymous said...

Number 7 had me LMAO. That is exactly how I would have seen it, too ;) I'm not a "sucker" yet but you never know... Great post :)

Clare said...

I've totally been enjoying your blog since finding it recently. And this list of wonderings cracked me up -- especially number 2 when you called this woman a Bitch -- I was laughing so hard at that and at her curled lip. Each one of the 11 is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Love No. 2! LOL :)htt

Coma Girl said...

I am a little jealous of that "mother" in #6. I would like to put my two teenage step-sons in daycare a few days a week ;)

jenica said...

i heart this post. i giggled at every single clever little thought.


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