Sunday, May 6, 2007

What is it Good For?

The big fundraiser for the kids' school is coming up. One of the items they put together is a catalog of more than 50 pages of things you can bid on. They run the gamut from high end to chintzy, from teacher time to bottles of wine. Every year, each class has to create and donate a project. Parents are able to show their love for their children by bidding wildly on these classroom projects. (I'm guessing the free flow of alcohol at this $75/person to-do also has something to do with loosening wallets and designer clutches.)

[All right, I'm freakin' editorializing already. For God's sake, lighten up woman! I've never been to one of these. I've always had a myriad of excuses as to why I won't go. This year, an F&B friend has coerced pressured encouraged Pete and me to attend, so we're all going. We've even collectively popped for an additional $250 so we have a reserved table. Clearly this is a setting for rich folk. We ain't poor folk. But we ain't rich folk. Even if when I drink.]

Where was I? The classroom projects. Here's the description that I wrote, with some assistance from the woman who took on the exalted title of Classroom Project Leader for Sammy's class. (If you're not keeping close enough tabs on me, that's the class for which I'm the room parent.) The description:

The Ratto/Curtis Peace Team has found its own special way of saying “Give peace a chance” by creating works of art. With two teachers, one project just wouldn’t do! The first framed photograph, in black and white, is a picture of the children forming the word “PEACE” with their bodies. The second photograph, this one in color, is a picture of the students forming the peace symbol with their bodies. Professionally photographed by classroom dad Gary Trignani of Accent Photos, any family would be blessed to be the owner of either piece of art.

Oh, but I clearly am an anti-war agitator. You can just see me and CPL (Classroom Project Leader) out singing anti-war anthems and stirring up the crap. You know why I know this? The part about me being an anti-war agitator? 'Cause someone took issue with the description and eliminated the first sentence. Yes, the one that quotes John Lennon.

WTF? You've got to be kidding, right? Nope. I offended someone. But not someone willing to stand up and say it publicly. No, someone who did it confidentially. Some moron who is too chicken to stand up and make her/his case. So the intro is cut. Just. Like. That.

I so want to know who it is. I so do. And I want to ask the person who put the catalog together, "How many other descriptions were edited?"

On the other hand, not knowing who it is lets me think that maybe it's the parent of these boys or this boy. Or maybe it's her.

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