Thursday, June 21, 2007

No "P" in This Ool

Gosh, we just never get invited to the good pool parties! We were at someone’s house for a casual get-together on Friday, and people were chatting about the casual get-together the day prior at another pool, at another kid’s house. Many of the people at Friday’s affair were there. In fact, although additional characters – like us – appeared on Friday, it seems that everyone who was there on Thursday was present on Friday.

On Friday, though, no one pooped in the pool.


On Thursday, someone did. The suspects are many. There’s J, a 9-year-old girl. There’s A and N, the children of the hosts. Both girls, A is 9 and N is 5 or 6. There’s 8-year-old Z and her 6-year-old sister H. Finally, there’s 9-year-old M and her 6-year-old brother M. Alphabet soup, yes, and one of them pooped.

All of the parents were properly horrified, publicly mystified and privately stupefied.

My question is, if your kid told you she was the public pool pooper, would you out her? Would you tell your friends your darling was the one who did the deed, then moved the suit to let the poop shoot, and then darted away from the evidence?

Forget about no “p” in the ool. How about no “poo” in the l?


Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

As horrified as I would be, I would never out my kid. He/she would sure get a stern lecture on pool poo tho!!!!!!!!!!!

The Owners said...

I've never heard of anyone pooping in a pool. My kids never even pooped in the tub, nor did I.

I would never, ever out my kid. I'd be too embarrassed knowing that it would get spread around by the gossip mongers.

I might share it on my blog though (hee hee).


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