Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Vacation: Kids Hold Mother Hostage

I’m joking, of course. Let’s face it, I’ve been looking forward to this summer for a long time. It’s what I ached for. It’s what Pete and I strived for. Me being able to stay home with the kids was that one thing missing.

So I can hardly call myself a hostage, now, can I?

[Help me! Please. They’re all here. It’s torture, I tell you. Non-stop bickering. Pleas for another sandwich. And another. And another.]

School for the two in elementary school ended yesterday. By all accounts, it should have ended a week ago as this week has been one school-wide activity to another. Field Day! Students vs. Teachers Softball Game! Class Party!

[There is no required homework for them to do. No required reading lists. We’re starting our big workbooks and reading on Monday. That will take up all of one hour a day. For God’s sake, what will I do with the other 16 waking hours? Who the hell thought of making summer days longer? I want answers! I want help!!]

The youngest graduates from pre-school later this morning. Our plan is to teach him how to read this summer, because we want him to act up even more in kindergarten than he normally would. We were also going to spend the summer coaxing him to shed the vest and swim.

[He shed the vest yesterday! He’s not only swimming, the son-of-a-bitch is jumping off the diving board and swimming to the shallow end. Dear God, what next? Will he learn to wipe his butt by himself, too? “Not until I’m adult,” is what he says when I ask when. What else is there? I’ve got 69 days to fill. Help me!]

I love my kids. I enjoy being with them. When we’re hanging out together, focused on a task at hand rather than a TV or a destination or who is stuck sitting next to whom, it’s bliss. So don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine.

[The horrors! The horrors!]


Shannon Miller said...

I bet you'll find plenty to fill up your days! :)

jenica said...

hiking, biking, play dates, sidewalk chalk, kool-aid sales, bubbles, and hammocks. what more could anyone want?

i hope you have a great summer!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is . . . thank goodness for summer school!

The Owners said...

I feel your pain. I must have missed this post before. I did a little whining about summer break on my blog. I'm so worried about being able to entertain my kids. They fight from the dawn til dusk.

That is so cool about your son swimming. I wanted Ashley to take swimming lessons this summer, but she didn't meet the height requirement, darn it.

Hell, I'd be happy if Morgan would wipe her own butt too. I've got just over two months to get her on track before PreK begins. I don't know how it's possible already.


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