Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings #15

1. We’ve got a new name for the dog. She’s now known as SBH. Super Ball Hog. We’ve been taking a neighbor’s dog down to the field with us every morning while the family is on vacation. SBH tries to get both balls non-stop. It is quite the annoying trait of our mutt.

2. The five-year-old lad has added a new skill to his tool kit: he can now climb chain link fences. He learned to do this while we had SBH and the neighbor’s dog down at the field.

3. Clad in his Spiderman costume while climbing the fence for the first time, I asked if he could do it because he had spider skills. “No, I’m just getting bigger. I’m learning how to do new things each day.” Now if we could just get the toileting skills up to snuff.

4. Do buttercups and honeysuckle grow out in California? Could I find them and actually make them grow? I’ve not thought of buttercups in years.

5. It was only a few days ago that the realization hit me that I would never go back to live in the areas I used to call “home.”

6. Sadly, I see my surroundings on a day-to-day basis as I see any artwork on my walls: I rarely pay it any mind. Only in retrospect do I see anything up close. I'm too busy getting through life to stop and look. Now that I'm looking around, I guess it is rather bland 'round these here parts!

7. The car being driven by the mucho macho man yesterday had the Jesus fish on it. It couldn’t very well have the Darwin one, right, because that driver really didn’t deserve to be in the gene pool.

8. Here’s hoping the wreck he was in further up the road only claimed his life and not any innocents. [It’s an imaginary wreck, folks, not a real one.]

9. If my saying something could make it happen, the world would be a mighty different place today.

10. You can stop crossing yourself. I’m not being blasphemous. It’s just my normal behavior.

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