Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10 Favorite Things

Ten on Tuesday has got a particularly cool one these week. Check out others there. Also, look to the post below this one to see a new game: Jump One, Jump Twosday. Wanna play?

My 10 favorite things, some with photos, some with not.

1. The kids

2. The spouse

3. My mom

4. Our pool

5. Diet Coke
6. Galaxy Minstrels 7. My Neo
8. Blue Jeans
9. Rubio’s

10. Blogging


Library Girl said...

MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Diet Coke! I didn't think of that one! Thanks, as always, for the visit! Yours is becoming one of my favorite weekly blogs to read! =)

JennieBoo said...

Oh my GAWD!

I love Mexican, we had it for dinner last night! Ole!

I'm jealous of your pool! AND I love bluejeans!

Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy your lists!

Happy Tuesday!

Crimson Wife said...

I love Mexican food too! We don't have a Rubio's near us but I love Chipotle :-)

Julie said...

Nice pool! I wish I had one :(

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the Diet Coke! I almost listed that myself. :)

Nichole said...

Hmmm...we just ran out of Diet Coke.

Your pool is amazing!

Happy Tuesday!

bubandpie said...

What's a Neo? Is it a word processor? Are they making a comeback?

pjd said...

My kids adore Rubio's in Vallejo. Grandma takes them there once a month or so. Our two favorite Mexican places are in Santa Barbara, which is unfortunately too long a drive from the Bay Area for lunch. Unless it's a working lunch, of course, and the company's payin'. (Just kidding, boss, if you're reading this.)

I hate my pool. OK, I don't hate it, but I'm a cold water wimp and don't use it unless the solar heats it up over 86 degrees. Our neighbors have trees (including a huge redwood) that overhang it, and it's a nightmare to keep clean.

My new in-ground spa, however... now that I love. :-)

Thanks for commenting over at my place.

Bubba's Sis said...

Love love love Mexican food! Should have put that on my list! But I just love Bon Jovi more. What can I say?

Jolene said...

I like the pool. Good times.

Why do you need #7 if you have a computer? Educate me lady.

Frances said...

Aren't NEO's great?
Especially when you're wearing your favorite jeans & having a Diet Coke while you write.
Great list.
BTW you are the first NEO user I've met online.
Take care,

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