Monday, July 9, 2007

The Daily Task

What’s funny to me about Charlene’s 10-minute writing exercises is that I often only spend about 10, 15 minutes on any given post. [Yes, I know, that’s so very obvious to you.] It’s not that I don’t think about a subject at certain times prior to writing it. It’s that the act of writing is so minimal.

I know it’s partially due to my need for adrenaline. I need that rush of a pressing deadline. I always meet the deadlines, whether self-imposed or, when I was working, dictated by external events.

It’s also due to my training as a journalist in college. I always had to write stories quickly. There was no other choice. Get it right. Get it done. Preferably, in that order.

Nowadays what’s the pressure? The three little ones and their father. How many moments can I justify stealing away from them?

Most of my post writing gets done when Pete is in the shower, getting ready for the day, and the kids are still asleep. [There ain’t nothing much worse than a kid waking up during that 20-minute period to my freakin’ self, thank you very much. I hear someone’s pitter patter of feet and I am ticked. The hell with precious, “Good morning, beautiful mother” greetings from the youngest.]

I love doing this. I love the fact that I pay way more attention to my life and what surrounds me because I am chronicling it. I’d say 99% of my life is no big shakes. But that 1%? That’s what keeps me going here.

So go do something with your real life right now. That’s where I’m off to for the day, having just spent 12 minutes writing this. We’ve got dogs to walk, supplies to buy, and guests to host at a pool party here at noon. Later.


sister AE said...

Hello, Patois. Thanks for the visit.

I, too, work best under pressure. I can have all the time in the world, but I am so much more efficient when I have to quit messing around and just DO it (whatever "it" is).

Enjoy your real life today (and the pool party)!

Mike Minzes said...

Great post!! It's all about balance and with having kids and a spouse it harder than he** to achieve!

Anonymous said...

what? there's a pool party at your pad? i guess my invite go lost in the mail ;)

i work best under pressure too. perhaps starting out writing for a wire service wasn't the best thing to cultivate "planning" out a story....

i'm back this week with anotehr excercise. it'll be up tomorrow. maybe i'll make it 5 minutes to stump you.

The Owners said...

I do not work well under pressure. I crash and burn and end up frazzled. I need time to be creative.

Have fun at your party. We might get to the beach eventually - if it would stop raining for one minute. Sheesh!

Bea said...

I was under the impression that I wrote my posts very quickly until I started paying attention to the time - then I realized I was spending an hour, but I swear, it feels like only five or ten minutes.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! It shocks me each time I blog in how much time I spend in writing the post. By reading them, you just would never guess!

Have fun at the party!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My significant other does not get the point that I need to have some 20 minutes alone in the morning before the kids wake up...since we just moved in together this week it's not really his fault, but wow...this week has been a rough one for me. I'm feeling a bit stifled. :)


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