Thursday, August 23, 2007

50 is Nifty

I'm not really 50. I'm close, though. I've decided to start saying I am 50 so I can get used to it. There is a part of me, hidden in a dark recess and only appearing when my spirit is lagging, that thinks that by saying I'm 50 I will never reach that milestone.

My youngest must sense something of that nature. Perhaps that is his talent, his gift: an ability to see the future or at least my sense of the future. [His outward talent now is his amazing musical sense and need to drum, drum, drum.] In church on Sunday, when it was time to receive my birthday blessing, Mother Susan asked me how old I was. I answered, "Let's call me 50." The youngest shouted out, "She's 46! She's 46! She's not 50!" Perhaps I am to die at 50 and he knows this in some way.

I am 46 on August 24. That information, along with my name and Social Security number, might enable you to steal my identity. Perhaps, then, it is you -- nameless, faceless identify thief -- who will not make it to 50.

This is a rambling and morbid post. That I am having these thoughts on this occasion comes as no surprise to me. I do believe I have these same thoughts every year. I am not middle-aged. I will not live to be 92. I am hopeful that I'll make it to 62.

That leaves me just 16 years to do everything I was meant to do. Anyone born on this day today will be eligible to drive in California on the day I turn 62. If I make it to 62.

The clock shows midnight. 50 is nifty.


Jeni said...

Just thinking here with your talk about age - 17 years ago this month when I was almost 46 (October birthday), I started off in a new direction as I began my first semester (ever) in college as a freshman at Penn State. Four short years later, going on 50 then ya know, I graduated. And now, here I am looking towards turning 63 this October. And boy, how quickly those years have flown by too! Fifty was a walk in the park. Sixty had a lot of kinks to it though -cancer, herniated discs, surgery, chemo, more surgeries, etc. Enjoy each day on the trip though -even when, at the time, they might not seem very enjoyable, just find something positive. I have a sneaking feeling you're gonna breeze right through though. Happy Birthday!

Sian said...

Happy birthday Patty. I have been travelling so I haven't had much time for visiting as I normally do. But hope you have a great day!

Oh and that post on Sunday Scribblings about the diary got me quite choked up. Good writing there. Thanks.

Lori the eco-artist said...

OK I am going to break tradition here and wish you a happy birthday on your actual birthday. Do you realize we've known each other for 28 years??? Oh my god that is crazy. Might as well get mushy here and tell you it's been a great ride, being friends with you has been amazing. And I will share a little known fact...whenever I talk about you I always refer to you as "the person I would call as my phone-a-friend when I get on the Millioniaire show (or has that been cancelled??) You are truely one of the smartest people I have ever met. And that wonderfully optimistic and witty personality of yours...well, let's just say "Though I don't often count blessings, I have a few, And one stands in the forefront, I'm blessed with a best friend who's been a friend like you."
I love you and miss you! Now, if I can ever convince Bruce that I really DO want to move back to CA...and that I WILL NOT change my mind once we get there...if not, well then, 9 years is not that far off.

Clare said...

Happy Birthday!! Yes, it's still the 24th, and I hope you have had a really nice and special day.

The Owners said...

Oh shoot, I have been playing catch-up on my favorite blogs and I missed my chance to say "Happy Birthday" on time.

Forgive me, "Happy Birthday", for what it's worth.


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