Friday, August 17, 2007

Fabulously Fun Friday: Sandy Cruz

Sandy Cruz
The daughter, buried in the sand by friends and family members, on the beach at Santa Cruz. Good times were had by all during our week long kamping vacation.
[This is a new game/meme a la Wordless Wednesday. C.R. at Cheaper By The Half Dozen started it. Here's hoping it takes off!]


C. R. Morris said...

Thanks! LOL All I can do is keep going.. right? Anyway, I humor myself. OK, I've always wondered about being buried in the sand. I would personally freak out but she seems to enjoy it.

mcewen said...

Ooo you're practically a neighbour.
Visiting from Jeni - congratulations on your award.
Best wishes

kailani said...

Why do kids love being buried in the sand? I know mine do, too. For me, I'd probably just end up with sand in places that I don't want. hee hee

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