Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jump One, Jump Twosday #5: To Die For

I'm late this week, although it is definitely still Tuesday here at the Santa Cruz KOA. I hope the husband is still enjoying his peaceful week without children. We hit the Monterey Bay Aquarium today, which the kids enjoyed for a couple of hours. [We were there for three.]

The rules? I will supply you with the names of two people. You have to choose which one you would jump. Do not let your sexual orientation get in the way of playing. Do not let the living status of the options get in your way. You must choose one of the two. Suicide is not an option. “Jump,” of course, is a polite way of saying “having your way with sexually.” (But you knew that, didn't you?)

Hey, what was the score in last week's installment? Only four people played last week, so I'm obviously either giving horrible choices or you all aren't following the rules. You are forced to choose. Now, lurkers, I say to you, "Choose!"

This week, it’s another hold-your-nose choice. I vow to make a far sexier match up for you for next week.

Jump One is the once-famous, now-infamous O.J. Simpson. Great running back, true, and who can forget his flying through airports as he promoted Hertz. [As an aside, if the dude could fly, why would he need to rent a car? Just asking.] Just as his fame factor decreased along with the value of his autograph, he drove to infamy. Or should I say he was driven to infamy in a white SUV? Who doesn’t know the rest of the story? His ex-wife and a friend of hers were murdered outside her home. The criminal prosecution ended in an acquittal. He lost the civil case and he owes millions to the survivors.

Now, close your eyes and go back in time many years, and you can recall the Baretta era. Baretta was the showcase for our Jump Two contestant, Robert Blake. Unlike O.J., Blake faded quickly, but he, too, shot back to fame with the shot of a gun. His wife, the mother of his baby daughter, was shot to death in the couple’s car when Blake went in to the restaurant they’d just left. He gave The reason for the return was to get a gun!! he had left there. He was acquitted at his trial, and the civil case has not gone to court yet.

Jump One

Jump Two

So, who you going to pick? I’m going to have to go with Robert Blake. Yes, body-wise, he would lose. But I’m not as repulsed by the man as I am by O.J. I believe without a reasonable doubt that O.J. is guilty, and that crime was horrific. I’m not as convinced of Blake’s guilt. And, although murder is not the answer, his wife was an unsavory character who was only out to make a buck.

So, wanna play? Comment below or on your own site and let me know.

[O.J. Simpson photo courtesy of BusinessPundit.com.]

[Robert Blake photo courtesy of Eonline.]

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