Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings #21

We're Mad as Hell
1. The life I lead before I had kids comes up very rarely, but it did rear its head a week ago when I was at the Village at Corte Madera. It’s a mall that we just never come to. We shop up north. It’s too expensive at the Village, which is why the wealthy people are all around you there. I remember that. And I remember shopping there and being one of them. I remember the jewelry store I frequented all the time. It’s not the life I live anymore. And it’s not something I miss. It’s just something I noticed.

2. Why were we at that mall, you ask? [Well, you would ask, wouldn’t you?] I stumbled upon some Banana Republic gift cards from my sister from a couple of Christmases and birthdays ago. Pete’s birthday was coming up, so…yeah, kind of like re-gifting.

3. Speaking of my sister, I heard the song “Afternoon Delight” the other day. Horrible song, on that we can all agree. But it’s the first “adult” thing I shared with my sister. Not that I was an adult, mind you. I was all of 14. She had gone away to college. Her freshman year, she was involved with a man with whom she’d meet in the afternoon to…well, you know. And she mentioned that song reminded her of that. For Christmas, I bought her a T-shirt with that on it. By then? They’d broken up. Continued my sister’s streak of never getting anything desirable from her family members.

4. And I can now perform a perfect segue. Those “re-gifted” Banana Republic cards bought my husband a nice shirt for work and some casual lounge-type pants. [No, not Bill Murphy lounge lizard pants. More like soft, cashmere-feeling sweat pants.] A princely sum was paid re-gifted. I washed that shirt today. Looks like I now own a nice shirt ‘cause, honey, it’s shrunken. Oops.

5. Speaking of my understanding and good-natured husband, his commute into the city via Golden Gate Transit has him paying $5.05 each way. Yes, an extra five cents to make it difficult because, of course, they don’t make change. Usually, I buy the discount booklet for him but he ran out of tickets one morning. I find him rummaging for change in the big change jar. He’s hunting for pennies. Why? Because they hate when he pays in pennies. And he hates that the morons who run the transit agency tacked on an extra five cents. His little revenge, five pennies at a time.

6. Trying to explain lightening and why we vacate pools when it occurs, I end up saying, “Someone else smarter than me is going to have to explain it.” The eldest says, “Dad?”

7. The youngest, after we were talking over each other, stops and says, “Okay, wait. Now, action.” And I get to start talking again.

8. A 34-year-old woman telling her 40-year-old sister that the older sister’s failure to find Napoleon Dynamite funny is “a generational thing” misunderstands what a generation is.

9. You know he’s a third child when I sit down to watch 10 minutes of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and then discover, oh, he’s still in the tub?

10. I had to laugh at Rite-Aid’s automated response for its prescription refill service. Lots of pound keys and repeat-after-me responses, yes, and at the end it says, “If you would like to pick up your prescription before 2 p.m. the next business day, please press 1.” I press 1 because I’d like to get it earlier. “Your prescription will be ready at 1 p.m.” Wow! Moved up a whole hour. Thanks. Oh, and could you charge me a lot of money for pills that won’t do me any good? Oh, right, that’s the pharmaceutical companies. You drug stores have nothing to do with it. And neither do the health insurers. You all suck. We’re onto you. And we’re this close to all opening up our windows and shouting, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

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Anonymous said...

I used to work for Rite-Aid, pre West Coast buyouts.

I agree about the generational thing.


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