Thursday, September 13, 2007

Go Ahead With Your Own Life -- Leave Me Alone!

Harrumph! That's all I have to say. Why, oh why, oh why did I have to meet and fall in love with a witty, snarky, brilliant mother to my daughter's best friend? Why, dear Lord, couldn't I have hooked up with some fly-by-night fellow mother who would never be able to spell "blog" much less write one?

Harrumph, indeed!

I had a great email exchange with my friend's husband which seemed so totally blog-worthy for me. And what does she do? She blogs about it first. And better than I would have done. So read it there instead of here, where you really should be reading about it. Hey, it's my life! I get to write about it, even if it has to do with your husband.

Why didn't I go for the dumb blonde who I got in a bitch fight with at traffic circle last week? No, I had to fall for a brainy brunette.

Now here's an exchange she won't be able to write about. What did my lovely ex-friend of mine, Mr. Joe himself, emails me today: This:

From: Mr. Joe
To: Patois
Subject: rubios
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 15:04:05 -0700

I'm writing this from rubios, waiting for my pesky combo.
miss you!
xo joe

Sent from my iPhone

What did I send back my dear former friend? This:

From: Patois
To: Mr. Joe
Subject: Re: rubios

Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 16:22:22 -0700

You suck!

Sent from iHateYou!


Joanne said...

Oooh, the iHateYou! I wanna get one in pink!

Anonymous said...

i finally made your blog! a proud moment. the fish tacos--and the chips with roasted chipotle salsa--were delicious.
xo mr. joe


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