Thursday, September 27, 2007

Haiku: Juicy

Chocolate Strawberry
I have two offerings this week. One is nearly almost my immediate thought whenever I think of "juicy." The second, sadly, is where my mind has gone thanks to my newest friend, D. I will relate her story after you taste my two ku:

Streaming down my arm,
sweet sticky messy berry
smothered in chocolate.

“Mix in juicy words,”
kids are instructed daily.
Not those juicy ones.

The teachers constantly demand that the second graders and third graders use "juicy" words rather than the plain-brown-paper ones. Instead of "said," for example, let's use "exclaimed" or "retorted" or "demanded." D.'s daughter is in third grade. She was trying to find out from her mother when it was appropriate to use the word "fart." There's really never any need to use that word, D. said. It is rather crass. "Flatulence" is a more polite term. But there's really never any need to use that word in public, D. told her.

It's juicy word day in third grade. Her daughter, wise enough to have discerned between public and private, went up to the very prim and proper teacher and said, "Mrs. J., do you know the word 'flatulence.'" Mrs. J. nodded. D.'s daughter wondered, "Mrs. J., do you know the word 'lavatory.'" Indeed, Mrs. J. nodded again, poised and posed with pursed lips. "Good," said D.'s daughter, and off she went.

Juicy words indeed.

[Now, go check out One Deep Breath for some very juicy ku. Click in the comments to find the delicious stash. Photo courtesy]


Roswila said...

Oh that second one is precious and so true! Even without your explanation it comes across. :-D

Jeni said...

Now that was one really smart kid!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Your story is so funny! I enjoyed your ku too!

Greggo said...

these are great! the first one made me hungry and the second one made me smile! lol.

Anonymous said...

The second one I understood without knowing the background. Moms know this stuff I guess! lol

Jo said...

Wonderful. The story and especially the haiku! Sorry I'm so late stopping by, for some reason I thought I'd already been (bad week LOL).


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