Monday, September 17, 2007

Jump One, Jump Twosday #11: Jersey Boys

I’ll go through the motions on this one, but it’s a foregone conclusion. Take a look at my profile if you’re wondering which one I’ll possibly choose.

Same rules as always. You have to pick one to jump. Don’t let the sexual orientation of either yourself or the contestant stand in your way. Base your decision on whatever you’d like. I base mine not only on looks – ‘cause, let’s face it, some of the past contestants have been butt-ugly – but also on character.

Jump One this week is
Bruce Springsteen. He has recorded another album with the E Street Band called Magic, and he’s going to tour around the world in support of it. He’s coming to my neck of the woods on October 26. What’s not to like about this man? Nothing. Been with Patti for going on 20 years, and they’re raising three kids together. He’s still very much a man of the people. His songs stand alone. His birthday is Sunday. He’ll turn 58.

Jump Two is another native of New Jersey,
Jon Bon Jovi. He’s got a new album this year as well, Lost Highway, which was released in June. He married his high school sweetheart, Dorothea, in 1989, and they’re still together, raising their four kids. He, too, appears to remain very much a man of the people. To his fans, his songs also stand alone. He turned 45 in March.

So, Jump One?
Jump One: Bruce SpringsteenOr Jump Two?
Jump Two: Jon Bon Jovi
Jump One all the way for me. He is my hero. His words speak to me. He sings for me. It has been this way for 27 years. It will be this way for as long as I live. My only regret is that I didn’t listen to him in my younger years, in his younger years. I know all his songs by heart. Before kids, I followed him around the country. I adore him. I’ve got the most awesome tickets for his show. Lucked into them Monday at 10:02 a.m. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Am I absolutely too old to be feeling this way? Hell, yeah. But the years mean nothing. ‘Cause he’s Bruce.

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[Springsteen photo from Time, Inc.; Bon Jovi photo by Mat Szwajkos for Getty Images.]


Dave said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Jumping down a post or two in your's, the test of a true friend is the return of a debt. In fact I kind of judge people by asking would I feel comfortable lending them money and, second, are they tolerant. Yes to both, chances are they are good friend material.

cjm said...

Oh, God. Can I pick both? Please? I know that is not the point but you've had several where I'd want neither. Nice change.

Rebecca said...

I'm with cjh... I want 'em both.

Florinda said...

Another tough call, but in a good way this time. Both these men are a credit to the Great State of New Jersey.

One of my great regrets is that I've never seen Bruce live, but I'm also looking forward to the new album, and he's very well-represented in my iTunes library. I've been a fan since Darkness on the Edge of Town, and haven't looked back.

But for this question - I'm actually going to pick Jon. I've always had a weakness for shaggy-haired blonds.

Linda said...

You're actually supposed to choose? Seriously and for real?

If that's the case then I'll take Bon Jovi simply because when I got my divorce five years ago (wow - has it been that long?) I based part of my decision on one of his songs - "Now or Never". The words "I just wanna live while I'm alive" became like a mantra to me as I had basically seemed to stop living during the ten years of my marriage.

I guess I owe the guy a debt of gratitude!

Gina said...

Am I bad if I pick neither?

If I had to, it would be Bruce. But Bruce does not speak so much to me. I don't know why, because I am totally a woman of the people.

D... said...

Jon Bon Jovi!!!! I heart him now and when I was a teenager. Sigh. Jon Bon.....

The Owners said...

Okay, so I wasn't a huge fan of Bruce - don't kill me. It's a generation thing.

Jon Bon Jovi was on top of the world when music started becoming important to me circa 1986. I'd have to choose him. said...

We can't pick both? LOL! I guess in that case I'll jump two! Jon Bon Jovi really looks good! Oh, we're not supposed to go by looks, huh? Well, geez both of them. :)

I had a great time on your blog. Your MyBlogLog catalog profile sounds just like me, except I have one child, and I'm an empty nester! A happy one! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by A Nice Place In The Sun. I'm so glad you did.


Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

OMG! Totally Jon Bon Jovi!!! D and I fight over him (but he loves me more).

Can I jump him for real????


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