Thursday, September 27, 2007

Justice, Schmustice

My thirst for justice has once again been denied. I walk though this world in an almost constant sense of outrage over the unfairness of many events. I'm not even talking about the huge global injustices. I don’t mean to say that they aren’t more important than the little, local ones. But it is the little, local ones that have me railing, raging, and ultimately resigning myself to the fact that life’s not fair. Life’s. Not. Fair.

It’s that moral compass I’ve got that gets screwed up by the magnetic fields emanating from the jerks I encounter. From the stupid cow who doesn’t pick up the poop her dog just left on the school playground to the moron who drives like a bat out of hell with kids in his car; from the women who don’t come to a complete stop before kicking their kids out of the cars at school to the asshole who runs a red light. They all throw me for a loop because they don’t ever stop behaving that way. They don’t ever seem to see the light and change their ways.

“Noel” was a salesperson for the newspaper for 38 years. 38 years. She was practically begging for a buyout. None was forthcoming. She finally couldn’t take it anymore, working for desperate people seeing their outrageous salaries and padded expense reports not long for this world as people like me and you leave the big metro dailies for the Internet, for local news, for unbiased foreign coverage from international sources.

She gave her notice. No fond farewells. No handshakes. No thanks for the 38 years she’d given. Not a peep. Walking out, she handed a properly signed property sheet to the (non-union) guard. He let her take the two boxes, but told her she needed to get another one for her third box. So she tracked down a mo-fo vice president in advertising. Yeah, he’ll sign it, but first he’s going to fondle her wares. Yeah, first he needs to see what’s in her box.

But the evil senior vice president of advertising, the bitch who has driven decent people out, who contributed to more and more fall-off of millions of dollars in advertising revenue in the three years she’s been there? They’re bumping her up the corporate ladder to get rid of her. No fondling her wares. {{SHUDDER}}


Gina said...

Not cool.

I wonder though, what will happen to the newspapers. However, everyone said that brick-and-mortar stores were on the way out, and that hasn't happened yet.

Jeni said...

Isn't that just pretty much the par though that the one who doggedly keeps on doing the job, to the best of the God-given ability gets constantly shoved aside - even in departure? Management, with all the books, seminars, college classes with instruction on how to be a good manager, etc -teach one thing and sometimes, it seems there must be an undercurrent to those teachings too that say to those who go on to become upper management and that is a subtle thing being inserted that can only be seen with special glasses or some such that tells those "special" people to pay no attention whatsoever to what is in the text that the average person can and will see but instead, practice this subtle message here which is treat your underlings like crap whenever, wherever possible.
Maybe I'm just having a big anxiety attack and a lousy day too though.


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