Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings #27

The Difference Between Boys and Girls
1. Helping out with Coastal Cleanup Day at the school – a day early and nowhere near a coastline – I hang with the eldest and the other three lads in his group. Fifth grade boys being fifth grade boys, it was pretty funny to see how enthused they were to find cigarette butts – another! another! another! – and a tall Bud can, yet so utterly disinterested in picking up any of the bunches and bunches of papers and straws and the like. These, they’d step over or say to another kid, “Hey, grab that.” This, of course, is how I ended up finding a ripped out page from one of the more explicit girlie magazines. An entirely different kind of butt.

2. When I told them – after I’d showed it to various other chaperones – what I had found, they wanted to dig through the recycle bag to find it.

3. No need to do that, lads, as I’d stuck it in my pocket so as to remember to blog about it later. Thankfully, I didn’t get hit by a car and require medical assistance before I got home. The hell with making sure your underwear is clean. Make sure you’re not carrying porn with you in case you’re in an accident.

4. I also said to one of the other mothers there – in response to her saying to keep it so I could look at it at home – that if I wanted to see a naked lady, I’d look in the mirror.

5. What kind of odd hits do you think I’ll get now?

6. Oh, the delight the boy takes in being silly. All three kids are able to make themselves giggle so enjoyably and freely. They can give themselves the hiccups at the drop of a hat. I am envious. Youth and giggles are definitely wasted on the young.

7. I was in a meeting for the
Jefferson Awards and one of the guys there is showing off the ultrasound photo of his next-born, telling how his older boy was quite excited to explain the difference between boys and girls. (The next-born is a boy.) One of the women related a story from 30 years ago about asking her four-year-old niece if she knew the difference between boys and girls. Solemnly, the niece replied, “Yes, boys wear boys’ shoes.”

8. Nowadays, anatomical differences would be cited – accurately – by many four-year-olds.

9. As Labor Day was approaching, the youngest said, “I was born on Labor Day.” No, he wasn’t, I explained. Where did he get that idea? Because I was in labor to give birth to him. Pretty good connection, right?

10. One last note about boys and girls. I see that, oddly enough, the fourth grade girl has befriended a third grade girl. Oh, right, she’s the younger sister of the fifth grade boy. That fourth grader, she's a smart one.

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Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

Love it. Love it all. Especially #7.


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