Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Weekly Wonderings #28

The Good German Shepherd
1. I am not absolutely convinced that off-the-wall events happen to me because I blog, but I’m beginning to think that just might be the case.

2. Having dropped the youngest lad off at his afternoon kindergarten class, I am walking through the park nearby where we play before and where some morning kindergartners play after class. Onto the path jumps a 5-year-old girl, blocking my path. I go to move around her. She blocks me. I say excuse me and go to move around her again. She blocks me again. Her mother is sitting 15 feet away and says, “Precious, don’t do that please.” I move again. Yeah, she blocks me again. “Precious,” her mother says again, “That’s not nice. Please stop.” I say excuse me again and move again. She moves again. Her mother, not moving an inch and still sing-song, says, “Stop that, Precious.” She doesn’t stop it. I lower my sunglasses, give her a mean-ass look and say, “Excuse me. Now, move or I’ll tell your teacher.” She kicks me! YES! And hits me! Her mother shouts, “Precious, no!” I turn around to her mother and say, “I don’t even know this child.” And I walk away.

3. No, her name isn’t really Precious. It was just the sing-song way that ineffectual mother was shouting it that makes me dub her that.

4. Today, a woman approaches me at kindergarten drop-off and says, “I want to apologize for my daughter kicking you the other day.” AND HITTING ME, I scream in my head. I say, “Oh, I didn’t even recognize you.” She says, “She’s very aggressive. We’re working on it.” I say, “Oh. Okay.” And say no more. She slinks off.

5. I happen upon my friend, the perfect mother, and I relate the story, and then I point out the woman. Yeah, the woman gets that I’m talking about it. Good for her.

6. I’ve kept a close rein on my kids since they were tiny. They’ve been annoying in public. That is perhaps an understatement. They are loud. We know this. We go places where loudness is not a crime. But they would never have done such a thing to a fellow child, much less an adult stranger. Not when they were 2 or 3, and certainly not when they were 5.

7. It takes a village because there are idiots out there with children.

8. On a similar note, there is a man and wife who, by all neighbor accounts, are fine, upstanding people. Nicer people you couldn’t find, I’m told. But they have two vicious German Shepherds that are allowed to be off-leash at the field o’ friendly dogs near us. [For the record, I've had German Shepherds in the past. Not all are vicious by any means. I note these two dogs as Alsatians so readers understand I'm not talking about a little rat dog.]

9. People who let their vicious dogs off-leash and people who let their vicious kids do whatever and offer up lame excuses are not fine, upstanding, nice people. They are people whom I don’t want in my village.

10. Did I just liken dogs to children? Yeah, I did. You want to make something of it?


Jo said...

WOW, some people are unbelievable.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

Kids or dogs - either way, irresponsibility is inexcusable (I used a lot of letter there, didn't I??).

N. said...

I, too, own dogs, and I always say that one bad dog owner makes the rest of us look bad. Ditto for bad parents.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Its getting more common all the time that kids and dogs are undisciplined. Scary sometimes

Patois42 said...

It's "funny," as I'm starting to feel like I'm the crabby old lady trying to tell the next generation how it was done in the old days. And my kids are all still under 11! And, believe me, I'm not the one people should look to for guidance, either when it comes to having kids or having dogs.

Bea said...

I think it speaks well for that woman that she made a point to apologize. There is a certain kind of parent who insists her child can do no wrong, or who seems simply indifferent to the way other people are affected by the child's behaviour. Her non-intervention seemed to place her in that category at first, but I don't think that kind of parent would bother to apologize.

Maria said...

What a brat. And the kid too....

BTW, thanks for the visit. Nice to meet you.

jenica said...

haven't you heard about the *terrible* disease called oppositional defiant disorder? yeah, that would be O.D.D. good night! anytime a parent has trouble teaching their child restraint we now can put a label on it. "my child is just ODD!" haha. (still think i'm nice?)

my kids are annoyingly cute. at a hotel 2 weeks ago my two year old walked up to a complete stranger, who was eating her breakfast, and asked her to pick her up so she could see out the window. the woman happily obliged. i was mortified and couldn't stop apologizing. but geni just REALLY wanted to see out the window.


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