Tuesday, October 2, 2007

10 TV Shows I'd Like to Have on DVD

A big, fat caveat on this one; an update from last week; and a bit of self-promotion.

The caveat? I don’t watch TV. It’s not that I’m anti-TV, it’s that I’ve got no time and I go to bed pretty darn early.

The update? I finished three of my six items on last week’s list. So there!

The self-promotion? A Guitar Hero choice at Jump One, Jump Twosday. Scroll to the next post or click

1. Brothers and Sisters. I hear rave things about this show but have yet to see an episode.

2. Quantum Leap. I have the first season. I know there were subsequent ones. Loved the series. Loved Scott Bakula.

3. The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I’ve got a couple of seasons. This is most likely my all-time favorite show, so I’d like to have the DVDs to watch for when I’m free of kids and other time encumbrances.

4. Everybody Loves Raymond. This is the only show that I actually watch when it’s on TV – syndicated, of course. I might catch it several times a week.

5. The Simpsons. (Stolen from Clockwork Chris. Thanks, dude!)

6. Monk. How could I forget this one? I love it. (Stolen from Ashley of Chapter Four fame.)





And I can’t think of any others. However, I’ll be back to update it as I read others’ suggestions and think, “Of course! That’s a great one.” Go check out others’ selections at
Ten on Tuesday.


Hootin' Anni said...

I loved Mary Tyler Moore's Theme song....so fresh and loving. It was a 'feel good' song for me.

[my list you're more than welcome to find some if you want....but I'm not much on TV myself hehehehe]

Ashley said...

You add Monk and I'll add Everybody Loves Raymond!

cjm said...

I recommend Brothers and Sisters. It's a good show. Although tuning in for the first time next week is going to be depressing. I can't see (from the previews) how anything is going to turn out well. Sigh...

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I'm so with you. I barely ever get to watch TV (I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing).

Irishcoda said...

That's a good list, if I was going to go with more than 10 the MTM show and ELR would definitely be on it!

Mike Minzes said...

Let me help with the list:

Family Guy

Very cool shows on DVD

mitzh said...

Hmmm, I too is not TV junkie not because I am busy but because I am lazy when it comes to watching TV.

But I will recommend:


I have watched all the seasons of 24 though I will just start watching season 6..
Heroes, I am still stuck on season 1 (bummer!) and House what can I say I never completely watch all the episodes for each season and I never even know how many season they already have now.

But this 3 are my favorites and always look forward to watching them, too bad I am just that lazy... :(

I'll probably check out the Monk and thanks for the recommendation in advance!

Anonymous said...

the same for brothers and sisters - never seen it - but feel i must be 'missing out' when i hear people talk about it
and raymond ... now that would be a GREAT series to have (i should go add Becker to my list as he is my fav in that comedy type series)

Linda said...

Definitely Quantum Leap! I loved the show and Scott Bakula both! I kinda liked Al, too, but don't tell anyone!

As for other series, may I suggest Showtime's "Dead Like Me". It's different and I think you'd like it, too bad they cancelled it before they ever had a chance to wrap it up!

Sonya said...

I'd recommend Lost and House. I love both of them. Never watched Monk but I think that guy is funny!

Unknown said...

I have Everybody Loves Raymond on my list too. :-)

Serena said...

You are not alone in not being able to finish your TV show lists. Although I had mine up to be fair to the game, I really struggle to come up with 10 shows. :D

Jen B said...

lol, i only see everybody loves raymond unless i tape something. just haven't the time either.

Clare said...

Hi Patois! I love the Mary Tyler Moore Show -- and it's theme song. I've got so many memories tied up with that.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, do I LOVE Quantum Leap. Great choice!


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