Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10 Useful Internet Sites

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1. Wikipedia. My first source for information about everyone and everything.

Google. I gotta have it.

SFGate. The online home of The San Francisco Chronicle. I might be ready to give up reading it hard copy everyday, but I’ve got to find out about the news in my area.

Club Penguin. Something to shut the kids up.

BBC. Something to shut the husband up.

Amazon. Now that Coinstar takes my money and charges no fee as long as I get it in Amazon credit, I need this site.

Snopes. Because there’s always some idiot spouting off urban legends in the ‘hood.

Webmd. Because I’m a hypochondriac. Aren’t we all?

PostSecret. We’ve all got them, right?

Mental Floss. Use that brain of yours, or lose it.


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

So ummm...does the BBC really shut the husband up? Note to self ....

Anonymous said...

I have to check out mentalfloss!

g said...

Thanks for the Club Penguin and Mental Floss links, Patois! I'll check them out more thoroughly. :D

Btw, I just posted the link of the blogger we were talking about... I don't know what to say. :(

Maria said...

God...webmd will scare the bloody hell right out of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, interesting site!!!

Thanks for coming over to mine and leaving me a note!!

D... said...

I love Post Secret even though it makes me really sad sometimes. I'll have to check out mentalfloss. Sounds intriguing.

Jeni said...

Loved your list. In my case, I'm wondering how mental floss would work on gray matter that is now more the consistency of "dust bunnies."

mitzh said...

Oh wow! I love all your links!!!
Thank you so much!

SandyCarlson said...

Club Penguin and Webkinz--don't anybody take 'em away!


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