Thursday, October 11, 2007

Haiku: Simple Pleasures

Reclining outside
pillow underneath our heads
spotting cloud designs.

Shattered solitude.
A hammock meant for just one
overflows with two.

Wind gently swaying,
softly rocking our striped perch.
Look! There’s a dragon.

At night under the stars
we spy satellites crossing
paths with meteors.

[Enjoy simple pleasures at
One Deep Breath. Check out the comments for this week’s links.]


Maria said...

Ah, that made me miss summertime.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Wow, you are SO good at this Patois. Sincerely. Makes me miss summertime just a bit too.


Unknown said...

Lovely series.

Jo said...

Amazing....wonderful offerings. So vivid, so zen.

Anonymous said...

These all brought such vivid pictures to my mind, especially the last one. We used to have a hammock... maybe it is time to acquire another. Thank you.

jenica said...

that's perfect. i love me some hammock time. ;-D

Jeni said...

Love your Haiku! Wish I could write stuff like that but my mind just doesn't operate on those wave lengths other than to read and appreciate them. My son though - now he likes and can write haiku -but it's a struggle to get him to do things like that now days.

Anonymous said...

I love shattered solitude.

VDog said...

Wow! This is GREAT!!!

You are very talented, me lady!

mitzh said...

I love the second one the most. But they are all so wonderful!!!

qualcosa di bello said...

these sound like fantastic times with children...we love to lie on the dock & search for satellites!

g said...

I like the last paragraph... reminded me a little bit of e.e. cummings. :D

Brian said...

The second poem is fantastic. The physical situation and emotion are well contained together. There is also a subtle irony here... I have the feeling that the strict haiku format constrained the way you wrote the poem (with maybe a few too many words? not a criticism)... which reflects the content of the poem.


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