Monday, October 22, 2007

Jump One, Jump Twosday #16: Teddy Bears

If it’s Tuesday, that means it’s another edition of Jump One, Jump Twosday. I give you two choices. You pick which one you’d like to jump. Sometimes, you’ll base your selection on the hots for one of the two. Other times, you’ll base it on the icks for one of the two. However you do choose, just choose.

I’ve screwed up my back somehow, so I’m going to make this easy so I can go back to bed soon.

Jump One is
Ted Baxter. He’s the character on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” played by the blustering, now-deceased Ted Knight. The character was the butt of all jokes for nearly all of the other characters. Vain, inept, purportedly pretty-faced, and stupid, Ted was forever in the dark. He portrayed the inept news anchorman on Minneapolis’ low-rated (and fictional) WJM-TV.
Jump One: Ted Baxter
Jump Two is
Ted Nugent. Heavy-metal guitarist and rocker, Nugent is, alas, a real person. [Sorry for the editorializing, but sometimes I can’t help it.] His most recognizable tune is likely Cat Scratch Fever. In his other life – his post-hard rock world – he’s a conservative’s conservative; an NRA “ambassador,” of sorts; a hunter; a poster child for the anti-PETA. Most recently, he waved around his AR-15 rifles at a concert, recounting his taunts of Obama and Clinton.
Jump Two: Ted Nugent
So, who’s it going to be? Jump One?

Or Jump Two?

I’ll take the fictional Ted Baxter any time, any day, any place. This is one of those choices I make based on the ick factor of the other choice. Nugent is a lunatic. I’m sure some of it is pure posturing. I don’t care. His encouraging Obama to suck on a rifle or Hillary to ride one of the rifles into the sunset is just reprehensible. So, yeah, I’m going with a fictional character. Beats the real life character by a mile.

How about you?

[Nugent photo courtesy Rolling Stone.]


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh man that's tough. I'm going with Ted Baxter although I do like some of Sweaty Uncle Teddy's songs!


Sian said...

Yet again I ask myself why I play this game! I'll go for the old teddy (ick) cos the sweaty teddy is really really ick.

Please, please can we have nice ones next week? :)

Gina said...

Ted Nugent is a nut, and "Cat Scratch Fever" sucks!

D... said...

I'm with the majority in that I'm going with Ted Baxter as well.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

I'll take Baxter, too, but not happily. I'll have to keep my eyes closed.

N. said...

I'll do Ted Baxter. This isn't even up for debate because I have some very strong feelings about Nugent and his hateful rhetoric.

(Sorry this is late, but I've been experiencing technical issues with the computer and have lost all my bookmarks)


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