Monday, October 29, 2007

Jump One, Jump Twosday #17: Computer Titans

I’m driving myself crazy to try to appease players looking for two good jumps from which to choose. Let me tell you, I’m open to suggestions, so suggest away by emailing me at wheeallthewayhome @ gmail dot com.

Same rules apply as always. You get to choose from two people who you would rather jump. Base your decision on anything you choose: looks, intellect, acts, or some baser reason. Consider yourself to be the judge.

Jump One

Mr. Bill Gates. Perhaps you heard of him? He co-founded Microsoft and he has maintained the status as richest man in the world for many years. His company is often seen as the monopolistic bully of smaller innovators and companies. He and his wife, Melinda, started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a half-dozen years ago. Through the Foundation and in giving to other charitable causes, Bill Gates has purportedly given away $30 billion in that time period.

Jump Two

Contestant number Two is the anti-Microsoft man himself,
Steve Jobs. Jobs is one of the founders of Apple. He left Apple in 1985, and returned triumphantly in 1997. In addition to running Apple he was the CEO of Pixar until the Disney deal was sealed. He maintains some role there today. He’s also a hell of a rich man. His philanthropy is nowhere near as visible as that of Gates, but I’m sure he gives plenty. Thank Jobs for all your Macs, of course, as well as the ubiquitous iPods, iPhones and iTunes.

So, who’s it going to be? Jump One?
Jump One: Bill Gates
Jump Two?
Jump Two: Steve Jobs
I’m not an Apple-head. I’ll say that upfront. But I understand that Jobs might be considered deity-like to those Mac fanatics. I’ve been a PC girl my whole life. So I have cursed Jump One mightily at times. Awful curses, sailor-like in their complexity, spill from my lips whenever Microsoft upgrades. [Breathe, Patois, breathe.] But Bill Gates is doing right in the world. He is doing good. He is changing people’s lives. For that reason alone, I would jump him. And maybe try to convince him not to keep screwing around with his products while I’m there.

How about you? Do you consider yourself PC, Mac?

[Gates photo courtesy AP; Jobs photo courtesy Time, Inc.]


mitzh said...

I have to agree with you on Gates. And yes just like you I have never been a Mac fanatic, I guess I'll be a PC girl till the day that I die.

So yes, I'll jump on Gates then.

Sian said...

Well geeks, even rich ones, never did it for me, but I'll go for the bald guy because I like a man that can carry off a black turtle neck. (Shallow is my middle name btw)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Now here's a jump I totally get being a geek. Definitely Bill Gates. I'll jump Bill Gates. :)

I love my iPOD, but Windows revolutionized pert near everything.

cjm said...

I'm going with Jobs. I'm a recent Mac convert. I strongly feel that they pump some happy gas into the Apple stores and as soon as you walk away with a package you begin spouting about the wonderment that is Mac.

D... said...

I'm PC so I'll go with Gates. ;)

Gina said...

I agree with you on Gates. I am a total PC girl, mostly because my BIL is a PC geek and can fix all of our compter issues for free! Sorry Steve! said...

There's something so sexy about changing the world, particularly the way that Mr. Gates is going about it.

So I have to say, Jump One! Although, between us, (I hope Mr. Gates can't hear me somehow)I really want to strangle that paper clip! Whose idea was he? (Laugh)

Great choices! :)

Linda said...

I think I'll jump right past these two but if I absolutely had to pick it would be not Bill Gates! I can do bald, I can't do bowl cut with glasses!

Anonymous said...

Jobs for sure. he has an irreverant side that Gates totally lacks. Also, my hubbie just got me an iphone and it rocks. The first time my kids were hogging the computer and an email just appeared in my handheld iphone, it was totally orgasmic. I wonder if the inventor of Club Penguin is cute?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Mac.
And I won't jump a PC.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

I'm late playing the game this week....

I'm a PC Girl, too, but I'll jump Jobs. Why? His affiliation with Disney and Pixar. How's that for a reason?

Oh, and the black turtleneck thing, too.


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